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Traveling in Mongolia with kids

Mongolia could be an exotic destination for the family trip without considering a few problems. If you are looking for a different experience, a different culture of somewhere not many people have been, Mongolia is a highly recommended place to travel with your family and kids.

A family trip to Mongolia allows you to merge into the hospitality of nomads easily and help you experience an absolutely different way of living in the wilds. Your kids will be delighted with the soft adventures in nature, cultural activities that we include in tour packages.

While you are in Mongolia your kid's food could be an issue in rural areas. In remote areas, it is not easy to find meals that your kids love, restaurants in ger camps mainly served Mongolian dishes based on meat. Therefore we recommend bringing snacks or cookies that your kids love to eat.

Another disadvantage is a long drive and a poor road.  To make your kids happy would recommend bringing coloring books or toys or sporting items that are able to play during drive-breaks. For example Frisbee and soccer ball.

The weather in the country is not predictable, therefore I advise you to bring warm clothes, comfortable shoes for the walk and extra socks.

Steppe Nomad's recommended activities for little travelers:

Travel in Mongolia with kids

Archery lesson: Besides physical exercise, it will be a great way to inspire your kids to learn about the history of Chinggis Khaan and his army.  The history of archery in Mongolia dates back to the Stone Age and progressed through the Bronze Age when the composite bow was introduced.  In the 13th century, the skill of Mongolian archers and the design of the bow reached its peak, and it served as the main weapon in Chinggis Khaan’s conquest of much of the known world. It was used as an everyday tool for hunting and was an inseparable part of Nomadic life. 

Horse riding: Nomadic children start riding a horse at the age of 3 or 4. That’s why other people named nation were born on horseback. This activity will help you, children, to get closer to nature and to become confident with yourself. Are you thinking about their riding skill? No worry our skillful horse riding guides will help to learn.

Hiking or walking: In the remote but beautiful steppe of untouched wilderness, traveler kids can feel the freedom of walking across the land without a fence.

Nomadic homestay: If you visit the nomad family, you would have too many questions about why or how do they do this way? To get an answer to your questions or broaden knowledge about the nomadic way of living based on nature, stay with nomads for a few days.